Automatic Driving Lessons in London

At Walkers School of Motoring we offer the option of learning to drive on both automatic and manual transmissions. There are pros and cons to both Manual and automatic driving lessons, and you will need to decide which best suits your requirements. 

Learning to drive a manual car is more challenging than automatic driving lessons. The coordination required to control the vehicle is greater as there are additional pedals and controls that are in use. Some people initially find this difficult as different amounts of pressure are applied to different pedals simultaneously, however this a learning curve is usually bridged within several lessons.

Automatic driving lessons free you from the requirement to contend with this challenge and can often speed up the learning process for new drivers. The saving in lessons however is not considerable, since the majority of lessons are spent learning to cope with various traffic situations. On average you can expect a saving of about 5 lessons if you choose to go for automatic driving lessons.

The advantage of automatic driving lessons in london is not to be over looked as some people do have significant difficulties controlling a manual vehicle. However a major disadvantage of an automatic driving license is that it is restricted to automatic vehicles only. You will be breaking the law if you drive a manual vehicle and you only hold an automatic driving license. This can be frustrating if you find your self in situations where you need to hire or borrow a friend’s car.

Learning to drive in a manual vehicle is more flexible since a manual licence permits you to drive whichever vehicle you prefer. You also benefit from a wider range of vehicle, which are only available as a manual transmission. 

You should consider automatic driving lessons if you have a genuine time constraint and you need to pass your test faster than normal. Bare in mind that it will take a minimum of 3-4 months to pass your driving test from the day you receive your provisional license. This is likely to be reduced by 2-3 weeks if you chooses automatic driving lessons, however the cost of driving lessons will be slightly higher.

You should also consider automatic driving lessons if you a struggling with a manual. This may be because you have a disability, you are starting to learn at a later age in life or you are not very naturally coordinated. All these a valid reasons for opting for automatic driving lessons. You should not go for auto if you have not attempted at least 2-3 manual lessons. You should try a manual vehicle to establish whether or not automatic driving lessons will be more suitable for you.

Walkers School of Motoring have automatic driving instructors waiting for you, so if you’ve decided to go auto then get on the phone to our booking office. If you are still unsure whether automatic is for you then our friendly advisors will be happy to help!