How to choose a driving instructor

How to choose a driving instructor is a dilemma most of us will encounter at some stage in our adult life,
wether we need to learn to drive or our children reach that dreaded legal driving age of 17.

In the Uk 9 out of 10 people who have passed their driving test were taught  by an approved driving instructors.
In the Uk Typically, only DSA licence holder are entitled to get paid for driving lessons.

With this qualification as a minimum requirement you now have to look at other aspect of the driving instructor and the driving school,
it is recommended that you approach a reputable and long established driving school rather then a one man band.
With the back up of a Driving school you are more likely to get quality tuition and in the event of things going wrong
you can complaint to the school management who can then offer you an alternative instructor and or compensation.

How to choose a good driving instructor?

  1. A DSA approved reputable Driving school so you have backup if things go wrong.
    Medium size school tends to care more about their pupils and you don't get lost in the system.

  2. Personality and chemistry is important! let the receptionist know if you prefer a strict instructor or an easy going one.

  3. Ask your instructor for a progress report, but remember we are each unique in our learning ability and speed.

  4. Do not skimp on lessons Driving is a serious business and should not be taken lightly.
    Cars on the road are lethal weapon and therefore safe driving for life should be the aim not just passing the driving test!

What to look for in a good driving instructor?

Choose a DSA approved driving school with a good reputation.

If after most lessons you are a better driver then you were before than you are in good hands.

Your instructor should use the Question and answer technique this should teach you to be an intuitive driver rather then learn parrot fashion.

Your instructor should be punctual proficient and put you at ease

choose a school that will let you have a discount for block booking that way you can budget for sufficient amount of lessons
that will enable you to be a safe and competent  driver not just pass your test.