Walkers SOM are an Ordit registered Training School.

How much will it cost?

Subisdised training for suitable applicants, total cost for part 1 2 & 3 = From only £655 + DSA exams & trainee licence fees*

Limited spaces for Free Training available for suitable applicants. ( Minium 4 years Full licence is required)

At Walkers we pride ourselves on the quality of instruction and that’s why we train to the highest standards. Our goal is for all trainees to eventually work for Walkers and on that basis we significantly subisidise the cost of our training courses and invest time to train you properly (unlike some other expensive training schools who are profiting from the actual training). Trainees who join Walkers commit to a trainee licence franchise contract, thus guarantee themselves work to gain the experience needed to become an ADI. Take advantage before the 2015 due changes to the trainee licence.
By taking a Walkers franchise you guarantee a job as a self employed driving instructor, a healthy work load as a trainee and as an ADI. You also guarantee 100% commitment from Walkers since your qualification is a mutual interest. For more information visit our franchise page.
Our complete training course can be paid for in 3 installments and you only pay for the training you need.  With WalkersTraining  there is no need to fork out thousands of pounds in advance.

 Part I: Theory –Maximum 3 months Fees: £125 plus DSA £90 1st exam fee

 Start up support. We do all the paperwork! Sign you up to the ADI register and help you apply for your CRB checks.

  • Books and software package designed to get you through your theory test.
  • Telephone support.
  • First Theory Test attempt – £90.00 payable in advance to walkers, who will book the test on the trainee's behalf.

Part II: Driving – Free training Maximum period 2 months £180 +DSA 1st Exam fee £111

  • Up to 6 Hours driver development lessons taken at your own pace but a minimum periods of 2 hours per session.
  • Your practical test is booked and arrange for you
  • Training takes place in our vehicle or yours, provided it meets the Part 2 driving test requirements

Part III: Instructional Training, Subsidised fee of £350-£450 + DSA Trainee’s Licence fees £140 payable by the trainee to walkers who will apply for the licence on behalf of the trainee. Maximum period 1 month.

  • A 40 Hour week long intensive course covering all aspects of driving instruction. The course covers the core curriculum required for your trainee licence.
  • Quality training provided by an experienced Ordit Registered part 3 ADI Trainer.Part 3 training is supplied on a fully subsidized basis, Trainees must commit to a trainee/full ADI franchise contract which includes the compulsory training required by the DSA. Failure to fulfil the required obligations on behalf of the trainee will result in full payment of the training to Walkers.Once the Part 3 course has been completed, we apply for your trainee licence (DSA license fee of £140.00 payable to us  by the trainee)
  • Additional training is available from £30 p/h. 

 Additional Costs (DSA Fees) 

  Full License - £300

 How much will I earn?

 As a driving instructor earning potential is high! Lesson prices range from £25 - £28 per hour.
 As a trainee at Walkers we recommend you give around 30-35 lessons per week, that’s a  gross income of over £700.
 Qualified and experienced ADI’s conduct between 40-55 lessons per week, that’s a gross  income of about £1000!
 As a Walkers instructor you will have 2 main expenses.

 Your franchise cost which includes sourcing of your pupils and a fully maintained vehicle.

 Your fuel expenses, which depend on type of vehicle and lessons. Walkers School of Motoring  use suitably economical vehicles.

 So it really does pay to become a driving instructor! You could be taking home between £500-  £700 profit per week, and you have a fully maintained company car at your disposal.

 Trainee Franchise Includes: 

• Fully maintained fleet Car
• All car expenses paid (excluding petrol)• Unlimited pupils, no additional cost.
• All office and admin services
• Business card, Leaflets, Appointment cards and pupil contracts
• First week franchise free.

* Subject toTerms & Conditions;

All Walkers training is subject to Walkers Terms & Conditions as per Training Contract.

Applicants must pass an interview and a short driving assessment lesson (free of charge).

A CRB Check is required.

Applicants will be required to pay the DSA exam and Training Licence fees to Walkers at the start of each training stage.

Refunds of DSA tests fees

The Trainee must comply with the relevant U.K. driver licence and DSA requirements

Part 3 Training will be done from Head Office in Bromley Kent. A minium of 1 weeks notice will be given to the Trainees.

Walkers will be entitled to cancel parts or all of the training with 1 week’s notice and will not be held liable for any losses incurred by the trainees.