Become a driving instructor


Do you love guiding and teaching, and being on the open road? Driving instructor may just be a job that would suit you. become a driving instructor means shaping and influencing the driving behaviour of a new generation of drivers. Become a driving instructor means carrying the responsibility of providing values and norms that would prevent future accidents. Being a driving instructor is providing a service for the community. A good instructor will be valued and in demand. Spending time on the road will be one of the major advantages in this line of work. The lessons take place in various places and the variety adds interest and good mood.


Do you love working with people and take interest in meeting new people again and again? Love knowing people of all ages and can teach new things with relative ease? Become a driving instructor can provide great professional satisfaction. People are different from one another in character and way of thinking, but the rules of the road are identical for everyone, which makes teaching a unique experience. Discovering the understanding people experience regarding traffic laws every time from scratch.


The work frame allows you to make your own schedule. This is a convenience much sought after. To work only in the mornings or only in the evenings and getting to choose the days of the week makes this work possible also as a secondary job. Of course, with time and accumulated experience you can move on to full time and even move forward to advanced driving, fleet training, and driver re-education.


Being a driving instructor will also allow you to work outside the country in which you’ve acquired the profession, in other countries in which this profession is required. This ensures a long term job availability and stability.

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