Driving Instructor Training

Walkers SOM are an Ordit registered Training School.

Training to become a government approved driving instructor can be a very satisfying and rewarding career choice. To become an ADI you are required to pass three examinations.

 How do I start ?

The process of becoming a driving instructor is not straightforward. Before you decide to embark on this career option take time to research the subject. You can find a lot of information on the DSA website, Wikipedia and the Walkers website.

 Part I

 The first exam is a test of your theory knowledge based on the highway code, general road safety, driving techniques, medical knowledge and the theory of instructing a pupil.

You will have 90 minutes to complete the test, and you must achieve an 85% mark.

 The written test is followed by a 15 minute hazard perception test. This consists of 14 video clips, 1 of which will feature 2 hazards. On this test you must score 57 points out of a possible 75.

 At Walkers we supply all the relevant study packs and books. This section is mainly done at your own pace at home. Naturally, should any support be required our trainers are always readily available to help and guide you.

 Part II

The second exam is an advanced practical driving test. You will be expected to demonstrate a high level of driving ability when taking this test. Most candidates will require 4-10 Hours professional training to achieve the required standard.

The test itself lasts a minimum of 1 hour and includes an eyesight test, and general maintenance questions. During the test you will be required to perform 4 out of 5 maneuvers, together with an emergency stop.

 Part III

The third and final exam is a test of your instructional ability. This test is split into 2 sections, each lasting approximately 30 minutes during which an examiner plays the role of a learner driver.

The first section will access your ability to instruct a less experienced pupil, whilst the second phase assesses your technique when instructing a trained pupil or full license holder.

You must achieve a minimum a grade 4 out of 6 in both phases to pass.

One of the best ways to improve your instructional ability is by learning on the job. Hence the DSA issues a license known as a PDI (potential driving instructor) license or "pink badge". A PDI is usually valid for six months and allows the instructor to give fully paid tuition.

Making use of this you could potentially find yourself working as a driving instructor within a few months of commencing your training."The training really does pays for itself!"

Bear in mind that you are only permitted three attempts in both part II and part III of the ADI examinations and hence it is important to choose the right school when deciding to train as an instructor.

Failing a third attempt in either exam results in having to repeat the lengthy (and expensive) process again. More over you may only do so after a period of 2 years has elapsed.

Some establishments spend a high percentage of the training in classrooms, but all our training is done in-car with just 1 other trainee to ensure a good standard of training.

"Train to become a driving instructor from as little as £900 plus DSA exam fees and you could earn in excess of
£800 a week!"